A core program to enhance individual and group effectiveness

Foundations is a development program for individuals who are already successful, but who know that another level of performance is attainable. It’s aimed at fulfilling both individual and group potential, with a focus on enhancing personal effectiveness and productivity. There is a strong emphasis on creating and maintaining relationships, and managing conversations.

It has been designed to impact:

  • Individual performance and the ability to contribute
  • Results of each participant’s work group and the entire organization
  • The establishment of a network of supportive relationships
  • How each participant comes across when interacting with others
  • Each participant’s ability to make a difference away from work

Foundations consists of 16 hours of education that includes an engaging mix of instructor-led, paired and group activities. While the typical delivery format is a two-day workshop, customized multi-step deliveries can be created.

Key workshop outcomes include:

  • Clarity about what participants want
  • A more direct approach to getting things done
  • An increased ability to focus on the current activity of choice
  • Being able to see what stops us from being effective
  • A renewed respect for conversation and relationship
  • Skills in listening and handling difficult conversations
  • An appreciation of other people and their realities
  • Excitement about personal development
  • An interest in being on the side of the people you work for
  • Working from integrity, respect and kindness


Other Workshops

Listen Really Listen: Listening is the key interpersonal skill because it is essential to having our conversations be productive. Listening is also fundamental to creating relationships. This one-day workshop is designed to cover the everyday situations in which we all need to listen.

Handling Difficult Conversations: It’s normal to think of this as a scary topic. Why? Because most of us haven’t been trained to respond or deal with difficult situations. This program begins by sorting out which situations you want to deal with and which you are going to choose to ignore. Then we work on effective approaches for designing and conducting the conversations you’ve been avoiding.

Other popular topics include: Handling Complaints, Recognition, Busyness, Making Meetings Matter, Being Remarkable, and others. Customization of content, length and delivery format is common. A half-day program is often a great starting point.