Performance Coaching


“I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities.” – Whoopi Goldberg

Why coaching?

Clients I work with are typically looking for an edge to help them deliver more in the workplace. They may be challenged with a new job, a difficult project, a need to be more productive, or they may be facing a difficult relationship with a co-worker/manager. Of course, some clients are simply looking for an edge to ratchet up their “already good” performance.

How Coaching Works

  • Coaching occurs inside of powerful conversations between the coach and the client. The coach asks great questions, listens deeply, helps reveal new possibilities, voices challenges, asks for commitments, supports and acknowledges the client.
  • The container for coaching is a confidential, collaborative relationship where the client and coach know, and feel, it’s safe to say anything.
  • Both the coach and the client are committed to producing great outcomes. Guiding the journey are expectations and agreements that are laid out early on.
  • Coaching works because the clients make their own discoveries, create their own solutions and do the “heavy lifting”. Coaching isn’t about the coach advising, counseling, doing the work or “fixing” the client.

What Coaching Can Provide

  • It provides a safe place for the client to think out loud.
  • Support is offered in the form of listening, trusting, asking, challenging and acknowledging.
  • It offers a catalytic structure in which new perspectives and new ideas can reveal themselves without being judged.
  • It allows for life to slow down, at least during the coaching conversation, so that deeper reflection and thinking can happen.
  • It helps the client move to a different and better place with their life.


About Don As A Coach

I believe we are all capable of offering up, and delivering, far more to our work, to our families and to the world, but I don’t believe it’s necessary for us to make the journey alone.  In fact, making the journey together is what often makes it achievable.

I was first introduced to coaching in 2000 while employed with John Deere. A few years prior, the company had established a very leading edge, peer-to-peer coaching program. Participation in their voluntary program provided me with coaching training, mentoring by seasoned coaches, and the ongoing opportunity to coach co-workers at various levels in the organization.

I began doing external coaching in 2008, while participating in the professional Coach Certification Program at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.

My primary focus is to provide performance coaching for clients on an as-requested basis.