Let’s get this conversation started

This is the start. The start of a new conversation… about conversations.

It’s finally time for me to stop thinking about conversations all by myself. It’s time for me to start sharing what I’m feeling, what I care about, what I’m hearing, what I’m hoping for, what I’m learning, what I’m experiencing, and what I’m seeing in conversations of all kinds……and some of what I’m not.

And it’s time to ask others to jump and share too. So please, jump in…and stay if it feels right. I’m eager to learn from you, be challenged by you, get to know you and build a learning community with you.

Please know that this blog is driven by my fascination with the power of conversations. Not power in the form of control and greed, but power in the sense of impact, giving, abundance and making great things happen in the workplace, in the home, and out in the world.

It’s also driven by my belief that life is too short to live in a world of ineffective conversations and lousy relationships. We can do better, and be better, but this requires that we be more intentional.

Would you agree that a conversation is the starting point for nearly everything we’re able to make happen out in the world? I believe this is true. I believe we kick start virtually every idea by way of a conversation with ourselves, or a conversation with others.

The cool thing is that once we start a conversation, we then have a chance to build a relationship. Once we have a relationship, we can then go to work solidifying trust, and on top of mutual trust, amazing things can happen. That’s the endgame I’m interested in the most…..the endgame called amazing.

So, I’m ready to get moving. My plan is to start by writing at least two posts each week.

My aim is fairly simple. I’m out to help us build and expand our awareness, knowledge and skills around conversations and the power they hold. I’m out to help us create more conversations that matter!

Thanks for starting this journey with me.