Are You Nodding While Driving?…Try Reflecting Instead

I found myself chuckling a bit the other day. While sitting in the left turn lane at a stoplight, I noticed a 60-something man to my right busily texting while he waited for the light to turn.

He was doing that new “nodding thing” that I’ve noticed has begun to replace the “cellphone glued to the ear thing”.

Nodding, of course, is the latest form of automotive-based multitasking which involves glancing up and down repeatedly between texting and checking on traffic movement.

My chuckle resulted from what seemed to me to be a sort of silly contradiction. On the one hand, I was impressed that a guy in his 60’s had embraced texting and its benefits. On the flipside, I struggled with why he would see the need to be texting while driving.

Why not just enjoy the time alone? He could turn off his phone, turn off the radio, and enjoy some quality reflection time.

In addition, he’s more likely to arrive at his destination unhurt. Research suggests that texting while driving dramatically increases the risks of an accident.

Ironically, when our light changed and I entered the intersection to turn left (on a green arrow), I was nearly hit by a young man coming towards me who ran his red light. I noticed a cellphone at his ear.

Call me a Luddite if you like, but it makes a person wonder what’s happened to the old fashioned (and safer) approach of paying attention to the road while driving?

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work” Mary Oliver (American poet)

Question: How do you manage your technology and your attention while driving?