A Quick Way to Rekindle a Longtime, But Dormant Friendship

It seems like life just gets busier and busier, and crazier and crazier, doesn’t it?

Sometimes I need the world to grab me by both shoulders, shake me vigorously, and wake me back up to the things that are truly important in life….like friends and family.

Fortunately, social media and a fraternity pledge brother helped shake me up in this way recently.

Out of the blue the other day, I received an email via LinkedIn that contained the ubiquitous invitation, “I’d like to add you to my professional network.” It came from a pledge brother who I hadn’t see or been in contact with for at least 30 years.

It was a treat to hear from him and I responded immediately with a brief update.

When my wife arrived home from work, I told her what had happened and who had contacted me. Even though she was familiar with many of my fraternity brothers, she couldn’t remember this particular guy. So she asked me to dig out a picture.

It didn’t take long to find my pledge class photo, but while rummaging through the albums, I found another photo that made me laugh. It was a fairly typical party pic of three college guys (me and two other fraternity brothers) trying to look cool. But it was also a 31 year old picture which instantly transported me back in time and stirred up a ton of great memories.

Just for fun, I pulled the picture from the album, went to my office and scanned it into Evernote. I then “shared” it via email with the two college friends in the picture, with our three sons in college and with my wife.

All of this took under five minutes, but resulted in a flurry of fun email exchanges amongst everyone. I especially enjoyed the comments offered by our sons about the mustache their dad sported during his college days.

There’s definitely something very powerful about the impact of an old photograph, both visually and emotionally. With the host of technologies available today, it’s gotten easier than ever to share pictures that can light up old friendships.

The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.”  Henry David Thoreau

Question: Who would get a kick out of receiving a “rekindle the friendship” photo from you today?

(Note: Kudos to Michael Hyatt for his great tech tips on scanning directly to Evernote)